Wellness Services & Programs


CPRS Physical Therapy Wellness Program is committed to promoting physical and mental health and well-being to all age populations under the guidance of our highly trained and credentialed exercise professionals. 

We offer a variety of programs designed to meet your specific objectives:

Healthy Lifestyles Program - select offices only

    • 3 month individualized fitness program
    • Perfect for individuals new to physical exercise or have specific goals to meet
    • Reduce risk factors associated with disease (i.e. osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis)
    • Pre-surgery conditioning-improve strength and flexibility prior to survey for better surgical outcomes and decreased recovery time
    • Individualized program ensures safety and minimizes discomfort associated with exercise
    • Monthly fitness assessments to measure progress, followed by adjustments to personalized exercise prescription to help achieve goals 
    • Professional accountability

General Wellness

  • Unlimited access to medical gym
  • Professional supervision to ensure safety, answer questions and correct exercise techniques

Personal Training - select offices only 

  • One-on-one sessions with a personal trainer
  • Personalized exercise program geared toward your ability and needs ​
  • Optional: fitness assessment 

Healthy Lifestyles assessment - select offices only

  • One-time fitness assessment  

Sports Specific Training - select offices only 

  • One on one sessions with a personal trainer
  • Individual or group settings
  • Beneficial to help individuals and/or teams stay in shape throughout the off-season or prepare for an upcoming sports season
  • Personalized exercise program to meet goals/objectives
  • ACL Prevention Program- including ploymetrics, core stabilization, jump training


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To check Silver Sneakers eligibility, please visit their website (www.silversneakers.com) or contact your insurance provider.  

Patient Testimonials

What do you like about exercising at CPRS?

I really appreciate the friendly environment.  People are willing to give good advice and help each other.  Staff members are quite knowledgeable and have so much patience.  I even love the inspirational weekly quotes.- Deb

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  Steffie keeps me on track by monitoring my progress and changing my workout each month. I enjoy everyone that goes to the gym; it is like a “special” family that works together to become more healthy. I also like that I do not feel out of place. There is no competition on what you wear or how much you can do. We are all there for the same the same reason- to improve our life.