Why is CPRS Right for You?

The answer is our staff and our treatment philosophy. Licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants make up the professional staff at CPRS. We are committed to providing the most advanced treatment while providing outstanding customer service. Our treatment philosophy is grounded in sound physical therapy and orthopedic knowledge along with the latest evidenced-based, state of the art treatments. Our treatment approach includes a program that is customized to your unique needs, and is focused on restoring your movement and function. Our team also takes pride in providing extensive education to you regarding your injury or condition and your individualized treatment plan. Our approach results in more complete and more sustainable outcomes.

The CPRS Team is rounded out by a dedicated group of employees. These employees from the areas of Clinical Support, Clerical and Administrative services all are working to make your experience at CPRS a favorable one.

You have the right to choose your physical therapist. Regardless of where you may be referred for physical therapy - you have the freedom to choose where you receive your care.

Knowing that you can choose, we hope that you will choose CPRS Physical Therapy to receive the highest quality physical therapy services available. If you do, we will do our part to make sure you were glad you made your choice, the choice of CPRS Physical Therapy.

CPRS Physical Therapy, “Hands that Heal, Hearts that Care.